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Bath & Body

                   Moonlit Bliss – CBD Bath Bombs

                   With the right atmosphere, a CBD bath bomb can make a
                   bathtub indifferent from a spa. Get the lighting right, play
                   some calming music, and set the water to just the right
                   temperature, and the experience provides an all-natural,
                   low cost, and at home spa experience.
                   50mg CBD $18 | 100mg CBD $24

                                                                       Moonlit Bliss 500 – CBD Bath Bomb

                                                           Once the CBD begins to enter the bloodstream after a few
                                                           minutes of soaking, the effects will compound. You’ll be
                                                           met with an astounding relaxation, and perhaps a touch of
                                                           visionary euphoria. The experience could even have spiri-
                                                           tual undertones as a result of the meditative state of mind
                                                           you’ll be in. This mood is induced by the bath and bomb
                                                           itself and amplified by the CBD.

                                                                               500mg CBD $48

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