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Bath & Body

                                Treasures of the Sea

                    Treasures of the Sea create a frothy bubble bath
                     with this blend of nature’s most precious gifts
                     - vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea.
                    Treasures of the Sea leaves your skin feeling soft,
                    your body nourished and your soul reawakened.
                                 $38 ~ 24.5 fl oz

                                                      Buck Angel T-Wash

                                                      Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is an exciting and transformative
                                                      time in every trans man’s life.  As your body chemistry begins to change,
                                                      so do the grooming and wellness needs associated with maintaining the
                                                      complex ecosystem of your skin and genitals.  Buck Angel is addressing
                                                      these needs head-on with a new water-based intimate cleanser.  Buck
                                                      Angel’s T-Wash is formulated with natural sea salt, coconut oil derivatives,
                                                      botanical extracts, and has been infused with the masculine-presenting
                                                      scents of sandalwood, musk, and black pepper.
                                                      $23 ~ 8.5 fl oz

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